Media lies (both a verb and a noun)

Coup Trump Racism Overton Window

This is the printed title, On Trump, Progressives confused by irony and facts, and this is what the article is about, being the subhead:

The NYT published an article asserting 40 “facts” indicting Trump. In truth, each of those “facts” was false or pure opinion based upon intractable bias.

This one is Number 40. Go to the link to read the first 39. It’s a long article, and you may already know most of it in one way or another, but it’s an important reminder all the same.

“He has called America a ‘hellhole.’”

If you follow all the links to the LA Times to CBS, what you will find is a 2015 article where Trump did indeed refer to the America being created by Obama a “hell hole” and that Trump said he was thinking of running for the Presidency to “make America great again.”  A significant majority of the electoral college firmly agreed over a year later.

I also think Trump was again trolling the Democrats. If you’ve paid any attention to the Democrat presidential candidates this time around, you’ll see that they describe America in dystopian terms as an impoverished, violent, racist . . . hellhole. Trump long ago accepted the Democrats’ characterization of our once great nation and promised to reverse that damage.

I think the only reason he has the strength for it is that he finds it all funny, in a very tragi-comic way. I will also find it funny, but only when his presidency is over in 2025.

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