Judge for yourself

Start with this: A state’s system of justice put on trial, where it says:

Bret Walker SC is an old-fashioned stickler for precise legal language. That is why his clinical evisceration of the judges who ruled against George Pell is so effective.

Without a skerrick of emotion or one wasted word, Walker has torn the guts out of the Court of Appeal majority who rejected the cardinal’s appeal against convictions for sexually assaulting choirboys.

The special leave application drawn up by Walker and barrister Ruth Shann leads to an unstated but obvious conclusion: two of Victoria’s most senior judges utterly botched the cardinal’s case, not just on the facts but on the law.

And then this:

Grave allegations of sexual misconduct against a US Supreme Court justice. Cameron Stewart, The Australian, Monday:

Donald Trump has come out swinging in defence of conservative Sup­reme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh, saying the Justice Department should “come to his rescue” in the face of fresh attacks … The President was responding to a new book by two New York Times reporters that claims to have uncovered more evidence of sexual harassment involving Mr Kav­anaugh when he was a student. The new book, The Education of Brett M. Kavanaugh: An Investigation, examines claims by Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Mr Kavanaugh’s, who alleged during his confirmation process that he had exposed himself to her at a party while they were in college.

Everything the left and much of the media touch have the same corrupting effect, it seems.

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