Politics as a fashion statement

True story.

She: Who did you see at this Conference?

Me: Nigel Farage.

She: Who’s he?

Me: The leader of the Brexit Party.

She: Yuck! I hate Brexit.

There is no arguing with such people since argument and reason have nothing to do with it. She knows nothing and if I actually try to say anything to her she says she is absolutely uninterested in politics which is clearly untrue. Wilfully ignorant and dead to any discussion contrary to her present beliefs. An extremely nice person, one of the most treasured people in my life, but made up her mind not ever to examine any issues on her own, but just to see what’s going in her own personal circle of friends and then get on with life.

Yet she endangers herself, her children, her wider family and friends. She does the same for my children, my family, my wider circle of friends. She cannot be talked to, will never listen to a thing. There is no possibility of engaging her in any discussion or opening up, even remotely, the possibility of seeing things in a different way. Being on the left is the one and only way she believes that kind and considerate people think. Doing otherwise is, to her, despicable. I remain close to her only because I never push my ideological luck in any conversation. Not only would she not read my Art of the Impossible on Donald Trump, not only would she not open the book to any page, she point blank refused to hold the book in her hands.

It is not, of course, the other way round. She can say what she likes to me, never fears I will cut her out of my life. She is certain of her virtue. Nothing disturbs her, not the millions who have died at the hands of totalitarians, not the horrors that are caused by socialists, not the deaths and misery due to various forms of terrorist activities, not the dangers of radical Islam. Impregnable in her certitudes, she is shocked that anyone can support Donald Trump. Thinks that people like him and me are the cause of the world’s political and social evils. Never anything to do with people such as herself.

There are millions and millions and more millions of others just like her. She had a great time on her visit to Cuba a couple of years ago.

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