CPAC Australia day two

Just a brief post before I put my weary bones to bed after a night of carousing, conservatively, at the end of the second very full day of the very first Australian Conservative Political Action Conference. So overloaded with interest that by the time I was listening to Nigel Farage at the dinner at the end of the night, it was hard to believe that we had heard him for the first time only that morning. The most striking conclusion from the two days is how obvious a conservative disposition is as the way to face our difficulties, and how obvious conservative political conclusions are as the means to remedy the problems our communities face. Centralised fixes for our problems will, to larger proportions of our populations, no longer seem like anything other than ways to make such problems worse.

I will just put up three quotes from the dinner, and then say more tomorrow.

First, from Nigel Farage, talking about the certainty that Brexit will happen because the people of Britain will not let the British political class prevent it (said in an Australian accent).

“We won’t let the bastards get away with it.”

From Mark Meadows, the head of the Republican Freedom Causus in the US House of Reps, in discussing the absolute imperative to fight for one’s principles if we are to succeed:

“if you can’t make them see the light, you must make them feel the heat.”

Lastly, Mark Latham:

Conservatives have been so used to defending the existing social order that they have not yet realised is that what they have now been forced to do is to start fighting against the existing social order.”

The fact that CPAC has come to Australia is not just a sign that we are no longer going to take this rapid shift to a globalised elites-and-deplorables status quo, but that the rest of us are determined to roll it back, and restore the nation state and traditional small-l liberal values to the centre of our political culture.

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