Religious freedom is what every religious group concedes to every other religious group, not just what they receive in return

Below is a link to Dr Augusto Zimmerman’s latest article in The Spectator Australia.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, is calling on the Prime Minister to push for new laws to greater protect Muslims against so-called “Islamophobia”; that is, the strong criticism of the Islamic religion. He notoriously states that Section 18C should be amended so as to allow Muslims to receive the same level of legal protection afforded to ethnic groups.

If such an appalling demand were to be attended, then the final outcome would be to outlaw our constitutional freedom of political communication if such communication may be displeasing to the inflated sensitivities of radical religionists. As Fairfax journalist David Crowe points out in the Sydney Morning Herald, “The obvious danger is a blasphemy law – if not in name, then in effect. At what point does speaking out against a religion turn into a form of discrimination that should be stopped?”

Just to remind, this is the same Muslim leader who has criticised a secular judge (Justice Fagan of the NSW Supreme Court) for daring to ask why these leaders often fail to disavow the “belligerent” verses of the Koran, thus weakening the convictions of Islamic terrorists. Dr Mohammed was adamant that Koranic verses can never be criticised by whoever the person might be, including the verses in the Koran that objectively promote anti-Semitism and religious violence.

The rest of Dr Zimmermann’s article is here.

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