World’s highest IQ and MQ

Washington, possibly the city with the world’s highest average IQ but also the world’s highest MQ (Moron Quotient).

The party of the KKK (100% Democrat) who had a stage full of Venezuelan-type socialists are attacking Joe Biden because he opposed Federally-funded bussing 40 years ago. Meanwhile PDT laughs in their face: front page of the NYT: “Trump and Putin share a chuckle about meddling: Warm Greetings at G20: President makes light of Russian interference in US election”.

These people are an embarrassment. But they are also disgusting and repulsive. Picture of a migrant woman and her 3-year-old daughter at the border being looked after by some agent in yesterday’s WP. She will never create a dollar of value in her life, but she and millions of others will be a continuous drain. And no one even pretends these people are seeking refuge. They are economic migrants who intend to live on welfare for the rest of their lives if they are allowed to. They will therefore vote accordingly.

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