PDT interview with Piers Morgan

THE VIDEO HAS BEEN FOUND: The interview can be viewed via Bing here. We’ll see how long this lasts but at least it is available so you can watch it for yourself. Still not on Youtube. My thanks to Eddystone for picking it up.

And in a further update, here is the video once again restored to life.

BUT THIS IS THE MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION – WHY ISN’T THIS THE SCANDAL IT OUGHT TO BE: What the interview showed was how knowledgeable and sensible the President is. It also brought out a warmth you never normally see portrayed. The comments thread at Powerline where the interview was also shown is divided between those who watched the interview as I had, and those who found the video had been removed by Youtube. Here are a couple from the latter group.

This flushing of this video should be a big story, as it clearly demonstrates intention to smother and suppress any story involving Trump that is NOT full-blown accusation. You can find out-of-context quotations from this interview on CNN’s site that follow their narrative. Shocking! I’m SHOCKED!

If Trump came off looking ‘human’ then it’s been relegated to the internet trash can………….never happened.

The video is now unavailable. I can’t find the full version, or transcripts anywhere. I suspect this has been done to prevent anyone from checking on the narrative of his comments that has been/is being spun. Free press, people. An interview with the President is…unavailable.

Wow. They took it down. I watched it just in time. Really impressive interview- Morgan was civil and Trump is just so impressive: both with his grasp of wide-ranging topics and his self-deprecating humor. This video made me like him even more. Could that be why it was taken down?? 🤔

And this is the last of the comments from someone who was able to watch the interview:

What strikes me is how this puts the lie to the idea, universally proclaimed in the mainstream media, that President Trump is an ignorant, uneducated buffoon. Morgan touches in quick succession upon a very wide range of topics, presumably without the President having being informed in advance so that he could have brushed up on those matters, and I don’t detect one time when Trump stumbles. In particular, with regard to an area I have studied extensively, Trump gets the history and details discussed of World War II and Winston Churchill quite correct, such as Churchill’s reaction to Pearl Harbor, which he relates dramatically in his history of World War II. Morgan on the other hand stumbles on a major historical point when he mistakenly says repeatedly that Churchill declared war on Germany from the Cabinet War Rooms where the interview was filmed. It was in fact Neville Chamberlain who declared war on September 3, 1939, and he did so not from the Cabinet War Rooms — which had only just started operating a week before — but via a BBC broadcast from 10 Downing Street. That same day Churchill was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty and did not replace Chamberlain as Prime Minister until May 10 the following year.

The notion that we get anything remotely like a reflection of reality from the media has seldom been more clearly shown. This is what you get instead if it shows the President in a positive light.

Topics covered:

Meghan Markle
Climate change
Winston Churchill
Ronald Reagan
Jeremy Corbyn
Conservative Party leadership
Vietnam War
LGBT in the military
Nuclear weapons
John McCain
2020 election
Who’s the British Trump?

The video has gone. So this:

And this:

Watching the human side of the President where he explains himself and his policies is apparently not seen as suitable for television. Same problem shown at Powerline where I found the interview in the first place.

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