Jordan Peterson interviewed by Dennis Prager

The idea that Peterson is not one of the best advocates for the side of reason and conservative values is again shown to be absolute suicidal, self-defeating nonsense. If you don’t agree with someone 100% is no reason not to welcome the 90% of what you do agree with. And if you don’t agree with 90% of what Peterson says, you are not a conservative anyway.

1 thought on “Jordan Peterson interviewed by Dennis Prager

  1. Thanks for posting this awesome interview. One of the most interesting sections is Peterson’s clarity regarding the freedom of speech struggle in North American universities. The conclusion is that the Left has a strategy that seeks to remove the individual versus their focus on inter-sectionality (i.e. collective victim-hood of the group as a shorthand for the views of all its members). It seems that the left’s strategy is to divide an conquer the West into victimized groups and eliminate the rights of individuals to dissent.

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