It’s not all sunshine

A quite sobering column from Terry McCrann this morning: Tale of two elections: Sunshine state v others. Here’s the nub of it:

The result in Australia ex-Queensland (and/or also WA: it really doesn’t matter for the substantive analysis) is not just an interesting statistical artefact. It is of huge substantive significance, especially going forward.

Now maybe the maths was a little challenging for commentators. But it isn’t actually that difficult. You subtract the 23 seats the Coalition won in Queensland from the 78 it won nationally and that leaves you with 55. Then you subtract the six seats Labor won in Queensland from the 67 it won nationally and you are left with 61.

That number 61 is greater than 55. But for Queensland, Bill Shorten would be leader of a Labor government — with five other supportive lefties led by the Greens Adam Bandt and Zali “real climate action, never voted Liberal federally” Steggall.

The core substantive reality this speaks to is that the 20 million Australians who live outside Queensland actually did vote to elect a Labor government.

And where does that take us. Terry again:

Australia ex-Queensland actually voted for:

● So-called “real action on climate change” and the 45 per cent 2030 emissions reduction cuts and its identical twin insanity of 50 per cent renewables by the same date. And to accept the absence of costs.

● The raft of Labor tax hikes, along with the vast social-engineering spending.

● And of course, a PM Shorten.

It makes an utter nonsense of the sweeping claims from leading commentators that Australia “didn’t want sweeping change, class warfare or progressive ideology”.

Apparently outside Queensland we voted for Labor, and that is a real worry.

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