Further evidence of The Rise of Anti-Christian Sentiment in the West

Received today from Professor Augusto Zimmermann in WA.

Dear Friend,

I would like to call your attention to a very serious matter.

As you know, I am organising in Perth a major conference on religious freedom entitled ‘Religious Freedom at the Crossroads – The Rise of Anti-Christian Sentiment in the West’

To be held at Sheridan College between 14-15 June 2019, our list of speakers/moderators includes some our finest legal minds in Australia – Neville Rochow QC, Christopher Brohier, John Gilmour QC, Martyn Isles, and many otherms.

Our keynote speaker is none other than a leading American constitutional lawyer, the Distinguished Emeritus Professor William Wagner of Western Michigan University, Thomas Cooley Law School.

And yet, our historical legal-academic conference on religious freedom has been arbitrarily CENSORED by Facebook.

As seen attached, Facebook arbitrarily refuses to allow us to post any information about the forthcoming religious freedom conference.

Facebook simply claims that our religious freedom conference has VIOLATED COMMUNITY STANDARDS.

This is absolutely appalling and it objectively constitutes an egregious instance of censorship of ideas on social media.

Perhaps the PM’s idea of combating ‘right-wing extremism’ on social media has already started to produce its unintended consequences…

Religious freedom is most definitely at the crossroads and Facebook has just proven the point.

I guess this only reveals a DESPERATE NEED to hold a legal conference of this nature in Australia.

May I please ask you a favour?

Religious freedom is DEFINITELY at stake in Australia. Please consider heavily PROMOTING THIS EVENT and AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Below are the relevant details about this important conference that has been ARBITRARILY CENSORED BY FACEBOOK.

I am proud to have gathered a ‘dream team’ of leading lawyers and legal academics in the field.

Thank you very much in anticipation for you kind attention.

Warm regards,

Prof Augusto Zimmermann

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