Socialism: promising prosperity but delivering poverty

“Need to put pencil to paper to tell what it will do to the economy.”

More here: Larry Kudlow: ‘We Have to Put Socialism on Trial’. But the point made is that no matter how good things are no one is fully satisfied. There is always a struggle and there are always others doing better than we are. Envy and dissatisfaction are everywhere and universal.

If logic worked, there would no longer be a single socialist in the world. So why are they still there and growing in number? Irrationality is rife, and there are many in the world who to advance themselves see leading the masses as their only way to power and wealth.

At the centre are the entrepreneurs who guide the individual units of a capitalist economy through their moment-by-moment attendance to the businesses they run. This is a passage about Tolstoy in an article on the novel that has great relevance:

In one essay, he retold a story about the Russian painter Bryullov, who corrected a student’s sketch. “Why you only touched it a tiny bit,” the student exclaimed, “but it is a completely different thing.” Bryullov replied, “Art begins where that ‘tiny bit’ begins.” Tolstoy elaborates:

That saying is strikingly true not only of art but of all life. One may say that true life begins where the tiny bit begins—where what seem to us minute and infinitely small alterations take place. True life is not lived where great external changes take place—where people move about, clash, fight, and slay one another—it is lived only where these tiny, tiny, infinitesimally small changes occur.

“All of life” includes the lives of those who run a business. Socialists argue that a central plan can replace the individual attendance of those who own, run, manage and earn an income from running a firm. But there, too, each of those “tiny bits” affects the whole. That is also part of why socialism must fail.

2 thoughts on “Socialism: promising prosperity but delivering poverty

  1. “Socialism is the government robbing Peter (at the point of a gun) to give to Paul. The problem is that this will ALWAYS have the support of Paul.” — Anonymous

    I’ve noticed that Socialism ALWAYS has the support of primarily two groups of people:
    1) those who think that they’ll be one of the ‘Big Shots’ in charge of it;
    2) those who think that they’ll be getting something from it (i.e., ‘parasites’, ‘moochers’, and ‘looters’).

  2. “If logic worked, there would no longer be a single socialist in the world. So why are they still there and growing in number? ”

    Young people getting education in government institutions from union members has got to be a major cause. The fix is vouchers for anyone who wants one. We should add a “freedom of education ” amendment to the constitution.

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