PDT speech to CPAC

UPDATE: I’ve now watched it through and it is amazing. Hits all the high spots. And remember as I say this, that I am not an American. I am a Canadian-born Australian. But when I hear the American President speak and talk about making America great again, I actually hear him saying, Make Western Civilisation Great Again. His vision should be our vision. The same issues that are alive in the United States are alive here: border protection, the threat of socialism, national defence, restoring economic growth, climate change and defending free speech. These will be the same issues that matter at our own election in a few months time. I just hope the Coalition is up to what it takes to ensure everyone understands what the issues are and what a difference it will make – long term – if Labor wins. YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS SPEECH IF YOU CAN!

The longest speech of his presidency at around two hours. Haven’t watched it myself but putting it up for the record and in case others are interested. Here’s the report at Breitbart: Donald Trump Thrills CPAC Crowd with Record-Long Speech Lasting Over Two Hours.

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