The dogs that didn’t bark in the night

Yesterday I asked What is the Democrat response to the Venezuelan counter-revolution?. Today we have the answer: That weird silence from Democrats over Venezuela’s massive rejection of socialism . “Weird” is not the word I would use, more something along the lines of “repulsive” and “terrifying”. These people are not disgusted with the outcome in Venezuela nor to they see any reason to support those who are trying to get rid of its vile socialist regime.

What we can conclude from this is three things: That the collapse of socialism is an embarrassing topic for Democrats who are trying to sell it here. That supporting Maduro, as is this inclination, automatically puts them in the same camp as Vladimir Putin, the man they claim President Trump is in bed with. And three, it suggests that they’ll do anything to oppose and undermine President Trump, even if that means throwing Venezuelans under the bus. No wonder they’re too petrified to say anything. Here they could be scarfing up Venezuelan and Latino good will by siding with President Trump against the clown dictatorship in Caracas, and they just can’t bring themselves to do it, not even for the Latino vote.

And what about Miss Ocasio-Cortez as we also asked yesterday:

Now let’s turn to openly socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is she ignoring it, too? Where is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on this massive popular rejection of socialism in Venezuela? The gabby congresswoman is opining a lot about … herself on her Twitter feed and the government shutdown. But then there just this one little tweet that just came out: Amazingly, she signaled support for Putin’s stance, saying Maduro is the legitimate leader of Venezuela and Trump shouldn’t be supporting the crowds calling for change or the leader who was just sworn in under the rules of Venezuela’s Chavista constitution. She used the fig leaf of the Vatican’s and Mexico’s outlier support for Maduro to encourage Maduro to stay in power under the guise of ‘dialogue.’ … Her past claims on 60 Minutes to not envisioning anything like Venezuela in her socialist scheme of things now rings hollow. She’s effectively endorsed Putin and Maduro even as the regime collapses.

This is the kind of thing that should tell you everything you need to know about the modern left.

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