What is the Democrat response to the Venezuelan counter-revolution?


The news is a few hours old but I am still waiting for the reaction of any of the Democrats, and of course, Miss Ocasio-Cortez. The left are the bringers of misery and destruction. The most blatantly socialist regime in the world today. No one in their right mind could support such manifest horrors. But our Marxist-Progressive loons, and their brothers in the media and elsewhere, are so ideologically blind that the misery and harm of others is nothing compared with the misery they would feel having to give up their idiotic economic and political ideas. Unless you are personally relieved to see these efforts to rid Venezuela of its socialist experiment you are yourself as loony as the rest of your socialist confreres.

I cannot think the Dems have much choice other than to welcome the change in public, but I suspect whatever they might say, they do not believe it for a moment, not in their secret heart of hearts.

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