The Covington Boys

My interest in ideology goes back as far as I can remember. No one can live without ideology. It is a sorting mechanism that gives everyone a perspective on the events of life. In the West, there are at the present two broad ideologies that are at an almost 50-50 division, and its outcome will determine our future as a civilisation. There is on the one hand, the Judeo-Christian ethic that has evolved across the past two millennia and is itself built on the Greek and Roman ethos that goes back further still. It is the basis for our free market economic system and our democratic form of political organisation.

On the other side there is a Marxist-Progressive ideology that has as its base a absurd Utopian perspective that believes all of our social and economic problems would disappear if we rid ourselves of our Judeo-Christian ethic and replaced it with some form of dictatorship of the representatives of the proletariat. Name the problem – racism, inequality, poverty – they will fix it. Just put power into their hands and all will be done. The carriers of this ideological perspective have a track record so abysmal that you can barely believe anyone would admit to believing such vile nonsense, but that’s the role of ideology. Once you accept a perspective on the world, you are impervious to criticism.

Which brings me to The Covington Boys, an issue I thought of as so trivial that it was hardly worth a passing moment. Even if a bunch of high school kids had said some mean things to an Aboriginal American war veteran, it never really seemed much of anything. Yet it is turning out to be a true watershed moment. Here is the summary: YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOW THE MEDIA TRIED RUINING THE LIVES OF INNOCENT TEENAGERS.

  • The media smelled blood when a video seemingly showed a group of teenage boys bullying an older Native American protester.
  • Newer videos showed that the protester had actually approached the students, who were also receiving slurs shouted by a group of radical activists.
  • The media’s misleading reports happened at a time when the students were facing death threats.

Not stated above is that the boys were attending an anti-abortion rally in Washington while wearing MAGA hats. That they are only high school students meant nothing since any symbol will do for a Progressive-Marxist ideologue. If you would like a longer explanation, you can find it here: Lessons From an Online Lynching (Why #StandWithCovington Is Going Viral).


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