Clueless in the Age of Trump

Janet Albrechtsen has just discovered the Deep State: Trump takes on the experts to save democracy

Trump may be democracy’s saviour in this epic tale. His election remains the first serious challenge to a growing global consensus among “experts” on everything from immigration to trade and ­climate change. The least humble of politicians paid the most attention to ordinary people. And that explains election day 2016 when, as Babones writes: “(Hillary) Clinton’s basket of ‘deplorables’ looked the country’s liberals dead in the eye and said, ‘you’re fired’.

And then there was this, just uploaded by The Oz: Make America anything but this by someone who I no longer have to bother reading again. He says this of those people who vote for PDT:

A number of highly intelligent Trump supporters I know are perfectly willing to acknowledge the president’s manifold flaws. They voted for him, and probably will again, because he is not Hillary or Barack Obama or Chuck Schumer. In the old Indian proverb, the enemy of their enemy is their friend; more than friend, he, Donald J. Trump, is happily their president.

For myself, I haven’t noticed any flaws, but apparently in spite of these apparently manisfest flaws, these are the reasons for voting for the President:

What elected Donald Trump, and what sustains him, is not his rather dubious charisma, his ideas, his obvious jolt to the country’s earlier slow economic growth, and no, not even the wretched campaign run by Hillary Clinton. Mr Trump was chosen as a rebuke to the progressivism that has made life in America seem chaotic, if not a touch mad, and that now threatens to take over the Democratic Party.

I am sure we share the same planet but there is a level of dense that is exceptionally hard on the nerves.

If you are interested in reminding yourself why you should be thankful every day that Donald Trump is president, and something that would make a perfect Christmas present for just the right sort of person, there is this: The Art of the Impossible: A Blog History of the Election of Donald J. Trump as President.

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