Pittsburgh shooter was rabidly anti-Trump

My wife lunched with her two oldest friends where the Pittsburgh shooting came up, and both said that the killer had been pro-Trump. Now I do understand how hard it is for some people to take on board that bad things are done by people who are also anti-Trump, but such is life. But what astonished me was that while the information about Robert Bowers’ deep hatred for Trump was available on the day of the shooting, but only if you looked elsewhere beyond the MSM, finding such stories only a few days later has become almost impossible. I have rounded up a few just for the record, but you should try it yourself. And then try it again a month from now.

I will start with this simply because of its unlikely source. This is from Aljazeera which had this right at the end under the sub-head, “No Trump supporter”:

Bowers also posted anti-Trump rhetoric, calling him a “globalist” and not a “nationalist”, which Trump recently claimed to be. Bowers used an anti-Semitic slur to say that as long as there Jewish people in the US, the country would never be great.

This is from The Washington Times: Synagogue shooting suspect registered as unaffiliated voter, ripped Trump on social media. From the story:

Among his recent posts, Bowers posted a photo of a fiery oven like those used in Nazi concentration camps used to cremate Jews, writing the caption “Make Ovens 1488F Again.” But in other posts he also featured memes containing false conspiracy theories suggesting the Holocaust – in which an estimated 6 million Jews perished – was a hoax.

Another post derided Trump for being “a globalist, not a nationalist” and added that “there is no #MAGA” as long as there is a Jewish “infestation,” using a slur for Jews.

This is from Redstate: WATCH: Despite Claims Of ‘Right-Winger,’ The Synagogue Shooter Was Anti-Trump.

As covered earlier by RedState’s T.LaDuke, the shooter in the horrific attack at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue has been identified as 46-year-old Robert Bowers.

On a roll with implications of last week’s attempted mail bombings, surely, if possible, the Left will attempt to connect the suspected murderer of least 11 to some sort of pro-Trump ideology.

However, film director Robby Starbuck reportedly screencaptured Twitter and Gab posts from Bowers’s social media accounts before they were deleted, and they reveal quite the opposite.

Not only is Bowers rabidly anti-Jewish; he’s anti-Trump.

See below yourself.

And this is what was below.

This is from the UK’s Sun: ‘I DIDN’T VOTE TRUMP’ Pittsburgh synagogue massacre suspect slammed Donald Trump and posted a series of anti-Semitic rants.

THE suspect who has been charged with murdering 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh slammed Donald Trump in a series of social media rants.

Robert Bowers, 46, said he would “never touch a MAGA hat” and never voted for the US President.

He added on Gab, an alternative for Twitter that is popular with white supremacists: “For the record, I did not vote for him nor have I owned, wore or even touch a maga [Make America Great Again] hat.”

This is from The Daily Mail: REVEALED: Synagogue shooter is a gun-obsessed anti-Semite who believes Trump is a puppet for Jewish interests.

  • Robert Bowers allegedly opened fire at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue
  • Information about suspect and his social media posts emerged after shooting
  • Bower shared anti-Semitic and anti-Trump posts and revealed his love of guns
  • 11 people were killed and six people, including four police officers, were injured

And this you may know with certainty. Had the killer been pro-Trump, it would never have disappeared from the media which would have been blaring it non-stop since the moment the shooting had ceased. And I should also add that it would make no difference one way or the other who he happened to support at the national level in the United States. He represents the essence of evil. Politicising such murderous insanity is unfortunately itself part of the political insanity of our times.

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