“Everything you touch turns to gold”

PDT comes in at around the 13-minute mark, but goes for the next hour. In contrast, Mr Nobody: Barack Obama Is Back On The Campaign Trail And Back In A Box. A handful of people to listen to him drone on about his inconsequential legacy, aside from his most important legacy of all, the election of Donald Trump as President. Here is the report. No video, not that it would interest anyone to watch it. “The current Senator” is the incumbent Republican Senator from Nevada who began as a #NeverTrumper and ended with this, “Everything you touch turns to gold,” Heller told Trump the other day. Meanwhile, Mr Nobody spoke to a largely empty hall.

“The current senator — he doesn’t seem to be willing to stand up to this,” Obama told an audience of 2,000 in a gymnasium, avoiding mentioning the senator by name, and adopting a tone of amused disappointment. “He just goes along — even when you get a sense that he knows it’s not right.”

Obama spent much of his speech on a long defense of his own presidency, and condemnation of Republican governance.

“When you hear all this talk about ‘economic miracles’ right now, remember who started it,” Obama said. He denounced Trump’s attempts to pressure the FBI and Department of Justice to target political foes.

“That is not how America works. That is how some tin-pot dictatorship works,” he said.

But Obama didn’t come to Nevada to make news, and he mostly didn’t. This is the box he’s in now. Even as he’s edged away from the tradition of post-presidential silence, there’s a more practical reason for his muted campaigning: He’s said to be afraid his presence would backfire, give Trump a foil, and energize the Republicans who Democrats hope will stay home in November.

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