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Why Is Khashoggi Being Made The
Defining Issue Of U.S. Foreign Policy?
The Federalist, by Ben Weingarten    Original Article   Why has the media and much of the political establishment made the presumed murder of an Islamist Saudi dissident on Turkish soil a defining issue in American foreign policy? Jamal Khashoggi is not a U.S. citizen, despite his past residence in Virginia, nor is he a lover of liberty, despite his criticism of Saudi Arabia’s despotic regime. He previously served that regime as a mouthpiece for, and adviser to, the alleged al-Qaeda-tied Saudi intelligence leader Turki bin Faisal. Khashoggi mourned the death of Osama bin Laden, whom Khashoggi had been granted unusual levels of access for numerous interviews.  

Democrats are an ´angry mob´ and
´they´re losing it´ says Trump as
he brands Holder and Hillary
obstacles to national unity
Daily Mail [UK], by Francesca Chambers    Original Article    

President Trump pinned the divisive discourse in American politics on former Department of Justice head Eric Holder and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a video shared on his official Twitter account. He said in remarks in front of the White House that Democrats are ´losing it´ and out on the campaign trail ´ranting and raving´ in the video posted to his accounts on Friday. ´The Democrats don´t like being called an angry mob. But really, that´s what they´ve become,´ the president said. ´They´ve gone so far left, they can´t even believe that they´re over there. They don´t know what´s going on.´  

Media Admit: Migrant Wave Seeks U.S.
Jobs After Trump Ended ‘Zero Tolerance’
Breitbart Immigration, by Neil Munro    

Original Article   The growing surge of Central American job-seeking migrants began after President Donald Trump reluctantly canceled his May-to-June policy of zero-tolerance for the migrants who bring children to the border, according to establishment media outlets. “The number of migrant parents entering the United States with children has surged to record levels in the three months since President Trump ended family separations at the border,” the Washington Post reported Oct. 17. “Another big wave of migrants from Central America has arrived since late June, when President Trump halted the practice of separating migrant families detained

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