A masterclass in dealing with the left

It’s not over yet, but so far you’d have to say that PDT has provided an example of how to deal with the left and its insane media corp of liars. Give ’em enough rope, etc. Plenty of rope, and a genuine possibility that they have overreached themselves. There is no denying that half of the American population is itself now entirely out of its mind, and care not a jot whether any of it is actually true, but are content to use any means to achieve an end. And what an end: the preservation of abortion as an absolute right through until the ninth month of pregnancy. If there is anything else that matters, no one seems to have brought it up. So where are we now? First from Drudge.


Along with this.

KAVANAUGH DEFIANT: Lifelong record of promoting dignity…
‘I was a virgin’…
Never Been Involved In Gang Rape…
‘I have faith in fairness of American people’…
BUCHANAN: Huge stakes of Thursday’s confrontations…
WASH POST PAGE ONE: Fight takes on symbolism in divided era…
YALE cancels classes to accommodate protests…

Not to mention this.

FLASHBACK: Obama speechwriter photographed groping Hillary Clinton likeness.

Nor this.

We are dealing with lying nutters. If a self-governing democracy is the ideal, it will only work with a population that shows prudential caution when others make decisions they do not happen to agree with. As for advice on how to respond to the vile attacks on his name and reputation, there was this advice following from Kavanaugh’s interview on Fox News.

I would have liked to see Kavanaugh go after the two women who are lying about him–I think there is little chance that they believe the tales they are peddling–but realistically, that job will fall to others when Kavanaugh and Ford, assuming she shows up, testify on Thursday.

Kavanaugh’s testimony will only be relevant insofar as viewers are convinced he is telling the truth. If he comes across as he did tonight, I think a large majority will believe him. Meanwhile, Judge Kavanaugh may want to review tapes of Clarence Thomas’s Judiciary Committee testimony. As I recall, Thomas put on a master class in how to respond to Democratic Party smears.

And back then, even some Democrats voted for Thomas. That will not happen again for a Republican nominee for a long long time to come.

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