Two related stories, one sickening and the other utterly incredible

First this: The Most Stupid Meme on the Internet. Not stupid, but evil and sickening. Built around this:

The Coms get no credit for liberating concentration camps. They were as evil as the Nazis as the article at the link goes through in grim detail. Whatever role the Soviets played in bringing the Holocaust to an end was an inadvertent bi-product of their actual war aims and intentions.

But then there is this: Werner Goldberg is the name of the Nazi in the photo. Here’s how the Wikipedia entry starts, and if you read it through it is among the most incredible stories you may have ever heard.

Werner Goldberg (October 3, 1919 – September 28, 2004) was a German who was of half Jewish ancestry, or Mischlinge in Nazi terminology, who served briefly as a soldier during World War II. His image appeared in the Berliner Tageblatt as “The Ideal German Soldier”, and was later used in recruitment posters for the Wehrmacht.

And that’s only the half of it.

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