Andrew Bolt and the anti-semitic left

At least for the present, being anti-Semitic is still counted as a negative. How long that will be, who can tell, but it is not hard to see that those days may be coming to an end, and if they do, this change will be led by the tribalist left-of-centre collectivists in our midst.

The worst racists are on the left as are the worst anti-Semites. See, for example, Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour has ‘real problem’ with antisemitism. And now this here in Oz from Andrew Bolt who has to deal with this:

Hand him a mirror. Crikey’s Bernard Keane makes up stuff to paint me as an anti-Semite who makes his “blood run cold”.

Yet Keane himself claims Israel is guilty of “murder of unarmed protesters” and “systemic illegalities” under “the Netanyahu regime” and its “apartheid system”. He also defends the boycott of Israel that I have damned as racist.

Jews should realise Keane’s attack on me is an attack on their ally. His claims to be horrified by an anti-Semitism he pretends to detect are a complete smokescreen.

It is the left who thinks in relation to groups and group identity. It is the conservative right who think in terms of individuals and personal responsibility. Here’s how it now goes even in America:

Nazi as you know is the short form for National Socialists. ICE agents are not the Gestapo. But if you like to think that way, you are not just deluded, but are utterly free of historical judgement and common sense.

And a comment from Calli:


In one way it makes life easier as I try to get to know new people and whether to keep them at arm’s length or not.

All I do is mention Israel.

Never fails.

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