Some comments on Trump v Putin

At Powerline, as soon as I see a column by Paul Mirengoff I head straight to the comments since nothing he says makes any sense. These are comments from a post today on TRUMP’S INCREDIBLE TAKE ON PUTIN’S “INCREDIBLE OFFER”. These make sense to me:

President Trump merely told the obvious truth. Putin is more credible then our ‘intelligence’ agencies who have a long history of lying about the few things they aren’t wrong about. ‘Wrong about’ would include the fall of the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall, Iran, the Philipines, Hati, Cuba, Cambodia, Rwanda, 911, the rise of Islamic jihad, etc. ‘Lied about’ would include, the Bay of Pigs, assassination attempts on Castro (and others), Tonkin Gulf hoax and what they did before and after in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, spying on Americans, collecting metadata on Americans and most recently borrowing one of their ‘assets’ to the FBI to spy on Trump. If there is one agency that has proved over time to be incompetent, corrupt and dishonest, it is the CIA. I’d take Putins word over a CIA director any day of the week.

Ive always been a bit befuddled by US foreign policy. Usually, we punch the little guys hard (not that I necessarily have a problem with that) and impose only sanctions, of varying degrees, on the big boys. China is an example – we do plenty of business with a country that is not our ally. We enrich them immensely. They have stolen intellectual property, among other things, and life goes on. Has this conduct changed China’s fundamentals? So now we have Trump engaging in ‘unorthodox’ diplomacy and one might think he’s giving away the store. Only problem with that analysis is that his actions towards Russia are much different from Obama’s actions – who apparently practiced orthodox diplomacy, which emboldened Putin. What am I missing?

Disclosure- I am a Russophile. I like Tolstoy and Rimsky-Korsakoff. I am friends with many former Soviet Jews. And unlike a certain dufus, I thank the people who ate the Nazis for lunch. That being said, I agree with Trump. The US had a chance to develop the former USSR into an ally and friend. It didnt help when Clinto meddled in the 1996 election( although he did the same to Israel). When the Soviet Union broke up the US promised not to expand NATO but W did. I didnt see the MSM freaking out when Obama and Soros were meddling in the Russian 2012 election. In 2014 the US spearheaded the Ukraine rebellion -operation Ajax redux- thank you Victoria Nudelman. The Ukraine has been felt as part of Russian sphere of influence and Obama sent agents to overthrow the legal government there. I have yet to see you mention these facts. Or do you feel that when the US does it , its is kosher? I doubt the Diem family would agree.

I’m pro-American, but the US intelligence community has long been pro Democrat rather than pro American. It is a gigantic, scantily accountable bureaucracy that aligns with big government Progressives. As you’d expect from process-driven government agencies, the IC has failed to protect America from multiple avoidable terrorist atrocities, from multiple avoidable cyber breaches (they didn’t even interdict Hillary Klutz, let alone the Chinese) and has shown itself willing to corrupt the 2016 election and attempt a soft coup against the winner. Putin on the other hand is not opposed to America, he is in favor of Russia and grabs what he can get away with on the edge of his own territory not thousands of miles away across the ocean. Trump is essentially right about US/Russia relations.

In my opinion, the most important factor in all of this “rolling over” by American presidents is our media’s constant emphasis on the virtues of “diplomacy”, over everything else, by the American news media. Confrontation is always portrayed as negative. So American presidents have become essentially skittish, constantly looking over their shoulders at the American press and wanting to be in their good graces, portrayed positively. This takes all of their focus off of “what’s betst for America” in the short, medium and long term and all on what will make them get positive reviews. Sometimes what’s good for America in the long term may look bad for America in the short term (or as portrayed by our media). Perfect example is Rekjavik Iceland with Reagan and Gorbachev. Reagan left without a deal and that was portrayed as disastrous by our media – as it turned out he was refusing to accept Gorby’s gambit, and in the long run he got a deal. Unfortunately, what this means is that, today, our media basically drive our policy. Sad, and scary.

As Rush constantly and correctly points out, conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. It seems to me Putin is the one getting rolled. He’s being stymied everywhere and was the one pushing for the summit. So he scores points with the anti-Trump media and NeverTrumpers. Let’s see how the ME (Syria/Iran) shakes out, where Russia is taking a beating, and how they react to DPRK sanctions.

I’m of the opinion our Intelligence agencies are hip-deep in domestic politics. That some at the top of several agencies were and have collaborated with the Democrats during and after the Presidential elections. To suggest their efforts are devoted to protecting us from the Russians ignores the facts. We need protection from them. If Trump’s actions suggests he doesn’t trust or believe them, he is not wrong. I neither trust nor believe them either.

Why shouldn’t Trump take Putin offer? Mueller just got his ass handed to him on his first set of fake indictments of a Russian company. McFaul is a Jackass, the Browder the same. you can’t keep picking a fight with the Russians with no real evidence then hide behind daddy Trump and yell Treason if he won’t protect you. Trying to cause a World War for What? But hurt Dems and Neocons? We already kicked the crap out whole unit of Russians in Syria, Trump already made his point.

Once again the hysterical side gets all the oxygen. Words and posturing are much different than concrete action. I see nothing to show that we have given any ground to Russia. So calm down! No one has given Putin anything. You might consider that Trump is deliberately poking those that have the most to fear from what ever Putin knows . Clearly that’s not Trump. So I wonder who it might be?

Nitpicking. Trump is freewhelling and off script. Overall, Trump is Putin’s worse nightmare. Clinton would have been Putin’s dream come true. Trump would be the last person Putin wants in office. A weak Clinton was the obvious first choice. Trump has:

Deepened economic sanctions on Russian Oligarchs
Kicked many Russia Diplomats out of the US
Pounded Russia assets in Syria
Strengthened Eastern European Missile Defense
Spoken out very strongly against Russian annexation of Crimea
Armed Anti-Russian Ukrainian military to the tune of 1B$
Cajoled NATO to increase spending by 45 Billion dollars- most of which will be used to defend E Europe against Russian aggression
Criticized Germany for reliance on Russian gas
Added major muscle to the US Military
Pulled the plug on the Iranian Nuclear deal, damaging Russian interests
Guaranteed total US energy independence
Started a Space Force as protection against Russian and Chinese possible agression
Then Putin, in an act of deference to Pres Trump, offers some public dirt on Clinton: 400 million of illicit Russian money went to the CF.

Putin is obviously in Trump’s pocket, not the other way around, foolish writers notwithstanding.

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