Tommy Robinson has been the acid test and we have failed that test completely

How much resolve is there, was the question put. And the unmistakable answer is there is no resolve at all. This is the article at Powerline, The Global Establishment Closes Ranks Against Tommy Robinson, but what I am more interested in are the comments.

It’s the globalists against the nationalists across the board. In Britain, they want to censure free speech because the Deep state there is trying to overturn Brexit. In Italy, the globalists are subverting Democracy when it doesn’t return the results they want, just as they’re doing in America. For us, it isn’t about dems vs repubs, it’s globalists vs nationalists. the leadership of the GOPe side with the globaalists.

So instead of sequestering a single jury the entire country is kept from knowing the facts of the case.

The Islamists might as well be in charge in Britain, assuming that they aren’t in charge already.

Needless to say Islam opposes free speech. Muslims (and Muslim money) I suspect are driving the elite Brits.

The nice British politicians have been in control too long, have allowed massive immigration by mohammedans too long, have kow-towed to the filthy, rabid dog mohammedan invaders too long, have put up with the alien mohammedan ideology too long. It is time, and high time too get rid of those nice British politicians, one way or the other. Where are Nigel Farrage and Daniel Hannon and anyone–there must be others–who think as they do? The Saturday demonstration in front of Whitehall in support of Tommy must have some meaning. Is the whole UK going morally rotten? We were hoping it was just the politicians for life and the situation could be corrected.

Daniel Hannon? That articulate “conservative” gentleman actually favored Obama, don’t you know? And yes, the whole UK, at least their leadership and their establishment, have gone morally rotten and cowardly. Nigel Farage is an exception.

Britain is lost. It is ironic that the free countries in Europe are those that were in the Warsaw Pact. They saw tyranny up close and didn’t like it.

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