There but for the grace of God

A fascinating and terrifying story: Former NYC media player finds himself living in homeless shelter after life took ‘unfathomable’ downward spiral. The details are all too plausible and the outcome undoubtedly a nightmare. Life has no certainty and security is never guaranteed. Just a bit chosen almost at random:

He was at 30th Street for five weeks. His cell phone was stolen. On his 70th birthday, Sept. 15, Homeless Services staff told him he was moving to another smaller shelter in Brooklyn. They also told him he would have to get there by himself.

“I had two duffel bags,” he said. “I protested. They put me on a bus at 10 that night with three others. One was dropped at Wards Island. They dropped two guys in Queens. They dropped me off at 2 a.m.”

Jackson now found himself living in another dorm room within the 62-bed facility run by the non-profit group Camba. He says they promised he’d be out by Thanksgiving. He’s still there.

He is still sane and seems to have his senses together. Just every option seemed to close and no one could offer him a landing. The article is an attempt for him to find his way out, and there is a book in his experience that might even be more horrific than anyone would ever wish to read purely because there is no reason something like that could happen to everyone. The Count of Monte Cristo spend years in the Chateau D’If but Dumas has no story if he dies there. But in real life many do just that, if not actually most.

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