Remember we killed you before and we will kill you again if we get the chance



The twitter feed is from Legal Insurrection, with its reminder to “Remember Khybar”. Khybar must be some awful moment of Jewish impropriety and wrong-doing, and recent as well, for which Khybar represents a justification for what is being done today. It is therefore worth understanding the battle’s historical significance and the point of bringing it up. From The American Thinker.

In videos and news reports related to the Middle East, one can often find this chant: “Khaybar, khaybar ya yahud, jaish muhammad saya’ud,” meaning, “Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, Mohammad’s army will return.”

The chant means little to people who are unfamiliar with the history of Muhammad’s religion, yet it needs to be understood because it is a chilling reminder of one of the major atrocities he committed against the Jews when he attacked their oasis of Khaybar.  People who chant these words today do so to warn Jews that they intend to repeat Muhammad’s horrors against them — and everyone else who is not a believer for that matter.

You should, of course, go to the link since almost nowhere will you be able to find the above kind of account which explain exactly what Khybar means to those who ask us to remember the battle.

You may be sure the Jews remember the Battle of Khybar and are as willing to trust those who remind them of the battle as you just might imagine. Thus, even yesterday, counting on the ignorance and complicity of the media, we have what you see above.

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