“It’s what I tell 18 year olds”

Try it out, he tells his students: “Identify one thing you can fix and fix it and then document what happens?”

“If you can’t make your bed quit waving placards at corporations.”

“Most people will make a complex system worse if they try to fix it.”

“It’s what I tell 18 year olds. Six years ago you were twelve. What the hell do you know? You’re under the care of the family or the state, you haven’t established an independent existence, you haven’t had children, you haven’t started a business, you haven’t taken responsibility for anything, you don’t have a degree, you haven’t finished your course, you don’t know how to read, you can’t think, you don’t know how to present yourself, well Jesus, it’s not right to tell people in that situation that they should go out and change the world.”

“I’m not worried so much about the students but about the professors who have corrupted the humanities, which is the core area of the universities, and by corrupting the humanities they are corrupting the fundamental structure of our civilisation and spreading it out into the general culture.”

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