Where is Peter Costello when you need him?

The single most ignorant statement found in the media today:

The South Australian senator revealed yesterday he could not support the government’s enterprise tax plan in its current form, declaring the money would be better spent on “well-targeted social and economic programs”.

The timeline only goes back 24 hours because idiocies like this are so dime-a-dozen, you can see them every day. And what is so depressing is that there are approximately half of the voting population who would see anything other than complete ignorance and idiocy in such thoughts. Does he ever wonder why such programs are more affordable today than they were twenty years ago, fifty years ago and a century ago. Would he be able to make a connection between the growth of private firms and the growth of incomes and welfare?

But what is possibly most depressing is that a capital-I form of ignorance such as this does not become the basis for a withering criticism of the parties of the left. Truly, where is Peter Costello when you need him?

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