Biblical morality

She means more than just this, but in the world as it is, she cannot come right out and say it. Instead, she begins like this, as captured in the heading to the article: Understanding of the bible helps us decode western culture.

There has been some discussion lately about whether knowledge of religion, especially the Bible, is important. A founder of the Bible Literacy Project has recommended that all children study the Bible. He says: “If you don’t have knowledge of the Bible you can’t understand literature, history, art, music or culture fully … you’re not getting a full education.”

He is right. Our way of life is steeped in Judeo-Christian culture. We cannot decode Western culture without the Bible and some knowledge of religion.

What she actually means she saves to the end:

The anti-religionists demand that children just learn ethics, but from where do they assume these ethics spring? The most important thing about the biblical texts is that within the great biblical stories, youngsters learn our foundational ethical principles. Those first principles of ethical behaviour are contained in the Ten Commandments. To get to the Commandments we need to know the story of Moses, then the story of the Jews and, last, Jesus’ life and new teachings.

Many of the rather superficial, and destructive ideological fights that commentators are so keen on wouldn’t happen if they knew more about our cultural history and had more respect for the depth of our Judeo-Christian inheritance.

These precepts have governed our lives, our social organisation and our law for centuries, and are still valid. Whether we know it or not, they exist in our consciousness and ignoring them leads to confusion and chaos because as even the fashionable new agnostic guru Jordan Peterson admits, God didn’t give us the 10 suggestions, he gave us the Ten Commandments.

The only thing she gets wrong here is her assumption that Jordan Peterson doesn’t agree with her. Peterson on the existence of God.

And on atheism.

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