Counting on bad news

From a comment on Democrats are surprised that more money in pay checks is popular. The reality is, however, that a good economy is background, and even then no one knows what the economy will be like in 2020. It is still a knife-edge and even if the economy is great, which it never is for most people, it is the thousand other issues that will matter. The Dems and the media remain coiled and ready to strike, setting things up for when fate creates an opportunity to steal an election. Opposition is much easier than government since oppositions are never held responsible for what goes wrong even if they often are through what they prevent a government from doing. It’s not over till it’s over, and as we have already found out, even then it’s not over. Thus:

Don’t mistake the intent of those who comprise the opposition. As with the down fall of President Nixon, the dems can’t do anything without the collaboration of the GOPe.

Mueller is dragging out the investigation in the hopes the GOPe gives Congress back to the dems. Impeachment is a political process not a judicial one. The opposition has a ten to one advantage in the media. They ignore any evidence that exonerates Trump and continue to push their false narrative. If the dems wwere to prevail in the House, they will be serious about inpeachment. If they win in the Senate they will be sure to stop Trump in his tracks.

This is all made more ominous by the collaboration of the leadership of the GOPe. When you have the Bushes, Romney, McCain, McConnell, McMullin, Kristol, et al opposed to you, that’s a serious headwind.

The sentiment of our age is socialist. Nothing in relation to this sentiment will change between now and 2020.

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