The end of in the beginning

I went out shopping for a book that would answer to the following description: Bible Stories for Children. I came across a couple but none that really did what I hoped, tell the stories from the Bible in a way that reflected their serious purpose and moral significance while also being told well enough so that the stories would be remembered. Where any child educated only within our school system would have the slightest chance of coming across the names Cain and Abel today, to choose only one example, is an unknown. Even the phrase, “In the Beginning…” would be unknown to almost any child brought up in the West today. Are the Ten Commandments taught anywhere at all outside of a religious school? It has become virtually impossible to teach almost anything about the moral and cultural roots of our civilisation.

On the other hand, getting a copy of Where Did I Come From? and other such explorations of the reproductive side of life are easy enough to find.

If you are interested in the decadence of the times in which we live, #MeToo Division, this might help to give you a clue.

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