This is timely

Barnaby Joyce has just resigned over accusations of sexual harassment and here is Jordan Peterson discussing, “What are the rules that govern sexual interaction between men and women in the workplace?”

Video via Instapundit.

This is Andrew Bolt’s post on Barnaby’s resignation:

Barnaby Joyce quits as Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister. He says the complaint against him of sexuak harassment – which he denies – was the last straw.

Malcom Turnbull had tried to publicly shame him into quitting but failed. His personal attak at a press conference eight days ago backfired, wth Nationals MPs declaring Joyce would stay.

But then came three devastatig leaks from the Government which destroyed Joyce and invite revenge.

Someone, almost certainly from Cabinet, leaked that Joyce had not declared during a Cabinet discussions to apparove an inland rail line that he owned land along the route.

Then someone, almost certainly within Cabinet, leaked that Joyce had been “ruthless” in Cabinet in demanding Minister Sussan Ley quit over her expenses controversy and thus was a hypocrite in not himself quitting now.

A familiar name features in that leak:

Sky News is reporting that cabinet ministers are angry about Mr Joyce’s behaviour in light of his handling of previous crises.

Witnesses have reportedly said that during cabinet discussions relating to the scandal over Ms Ley’s travel, Mr Joyce was “ruthless”, insisting that Ms Ley “had to go”.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop reportedly argued for a proper investigation to establish whether Ms Ley had done anything wrong, but Mr Joyce said, “No, let me tell you how this is going to end. She needs to stand down”.

He is said to have taken a similar approach with respect to allegations relating to a late-night incident in a Hong Kong bar involving a female departmental staffer, which were levelled at Mr Briggs.

And now someone, probably in the Nationals party or in the Government, leaked that a woman in Western Australia had accused Joyce of sexual harassment (which he strongly denies). The woman says she never wanted the accusation made public.

Politics is always tough. This assassination of Joyce has been particularly brutal.

I doubt he will forgive.

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