The collapse of the blue church consensus

A new web-based insurgency that is taking down the media/left. Delusional non-thinking is the new norm. Jordan Peterson’s interviewer on BBC4 was a “crack in the matrix”. The BBC interviewer had “no capacity to see reality correctly.” She had only “pre-fab set of possible responses” to what Peterson was saying. She was thus “delusional” in that she represents moving from a fluid intelligence into a functional intelligence.

The notes to the video:

Jordan Greenhall wrote one of the most compelling and widely shared analyses of the political landscape in the wake of the Trump election – ‘Deep Code’ – about how the consensus mainstream media reality “Blue Church” was being disrupted by a new insurgent “Red Religion”. He believes the recent viral interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman on Channel 4 News was another example of the consensus reality breaking down – a “glitch in the matrix”. He talks to Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller – who made the first documentary about Jordan Peterson AND used to work at Channel 4 News for many years.

Eventually, he says, “reality is reality” and will reassert itself. In a sense that’s true, but it can sometimes take a long long time. And why should the left not be the victor here since they have an enormous ability to shape the events that matter.

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