Adultery and politics

You cannot choose your political sides by the personal moral failings of their leaders and members. There is not enough morality to go around, specially with the alpha male types who inhabit politics. We have here in Australia, represented by this story of the moment, a Deputy Prime Minister who has left his wife and four kids for someone else. This was the story, written tongue in cheek: Let’s recriminalise adultery. But one of the commenters did say this which said something worth saying.

How typical of you to mock marital fidelity; to mock marriage, in fact. But then, that was the whole point of SSM, wasn’t it? And how typical of you to be utterly, blithely, blindly unaware that there is anything wrong here.

I keep forgetting, though, that you suffer from libertarian autism. You can’t be expected to understand anything about non-autistic folks.

It is a hopeful sign that, quite apart from the unprincipled political opportunists, so many people do understand that there is something wrong here. An example just such as this was always the complete counter to the asinine you can’t help who you love slogan.

Meantime, in the US we have this: Trump’s Stormy Daniels problem gets worse. What’s the Stormy Daniels problem: only conservatives think adultery matters. And it does matter, but in the world as it is, unless we are dealing with circumstances well beyond the normal, it shouldn’t determine who you are going to vote for, since there is so much else at stake. But it is a point of vulnerability on the right, as the Roy Moore saga too clearly showed.

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