Jordan Peterson with the CBC’s Cathy Newman

A brief exchange in which Peterson comprehensively rebuts everything she premises her questions on. He worries about when he finally makes a mistake after which his credibility will fall apart. We out here will forgive him, but the question will be whether he then forgives himself.

But his style as much as his content is what is so formidable. He never backs down! He never accepts the premise of the person asking the question, since in dealing with the media, the person on the other side will almost always be an enemy who is trying to do him in. And really, who is going to be able to rebut Karl Jung who is the basis for much of what he says? You would have to be as much a genius as Jung was himself to know in which way Peterson was wrong or even misguided. Won’t find anyone like that on the media, or anywhere else either. As he says about what has drawn others to listen closely to what he says:

“I tell archetypal stories. I think that’s it.”

And as for the most important lesson he provides to young men causing them to pay attention to what he says:

“Rights are not as useful in regard to establishing what’s meaningful in your life as responsibility.”

This is the blurb that comes with the vid:

Jordan Peterson sits down with the CBC’s Wendy Mesley to talk about political polarization, Pepe the Frog and his support from the far right. He has a new book called 12 Rules for Life: an Antidote to Chaos. Peterson sparked controversy in 2016, when he spoke against a federal bill on gender expression and the University of Toronto’s policy requirement to address students by their gender pronoun of choice.

But not every interview is hostile: Jordan Peterson – What if Cathy Newman had been a Male Interviewer?

Always makes sense and speaks directly to the point.

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