This is the ‘this’

I always read the comments and usually learn a lot from them but this seems a lot more informative than usual and with a very unusual take on things. From John Smith 101 discussing Why isn’t this reported as the scandal it is?. The above, via Leo G, is also from the comments.

What’s happening?

Mueller is working for Trump and has been all along re the Russia connection. Mueller has been handed a get (or rather a stay) out of jail card by Trump. Mueller is implicated in the 9-11 psyops as well as signing off on the Uranium 1 scandal whereby HRC and the Clinton Foundation sold about 20% of the US’ uranium to a Russian company, Rosatom. Mueller was threatened with death if he spoke out about 9-11/Uranium 1. Mueller is basically a good guy (white hat) in the wrong place.

The Trump Russia collusion supposedly being investigated by Mueller is actually a ruse to, firstly, out the ‘Deep State’ (certain members of the FBI, CIA, congress members, business leaders, globalists, etc) leakers seeking to disparage or remove Trump from office – this ‘outing’ has occurred, with great success, over the past 12 months. The leakers (not necessarily all Democrats but also RINO Repubs) have now exposed their connections to the Deep State. Secondly, Mueller has exposed these principal players/leakers and their role in the treasonous act of wiretapping a presidential nomination (ie Trump) through illegal means incorporating a number of leading figures in the FBI and the Democrats, reaching all the way through to Lynch, Obama and HRC.

There are many reasons why the Deep Staters/globalists wanted/needed to wiretap Trump in the lead up to, and beyond, the 2016 elections. Some of these reasons include corruption and some extremely heinous crimes (think Madeline McCann), which will become clear in the coming days, weeks and months. In fact, as of yesterday, Obama has organised nine lawyers in various countries, to deal with the fallout from these inquiries. Furthermore, McCabe, a senior FBI official closely connected with the Russian dossier and the following wire tap, is, let us say, helping officials with what his, and others, roles were in this situation. Presumably he has been charged with high crimes because his ‘interviews’ occurred at Gitmo.

Gitmo, in fact, is currently accommodating a number of people (more than 30 at last count), many of whom you have already heard about over the years. Anyone heard from Soros lately? Anyone noticed a diminution in Getup trolls on certain news blog sites. Anyone noticing Lady Rothchild is getting a little testy on Twitter. Anyone heard from the Bushes lately? And what about Las Vegas? Does the bad Saudi ‘uncle’ really own the top floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Join the dots.

The ‘memo’ mentioned above, while relating to these findings of criminal activity, is a document produced by the Nunes congressional inquiry into these matters. (There are four, I think, inquiries currently underway, including the Inspector Generals report – which Trump (or congress – not sure) already has. The IG report runs to 1.5M pages and includes, afaik, the Wikileak emails. Julian Assange & DT jnr have been working closely together on this).

In other words, a number of people working for the globalists (NWO) within and beyond the administration are soon to be charged with capital treason, not only for the corruption of the US judicial system (false and misleading information leading to a FISA warrant to (illegally) wiretap a presidential candidates) but also, and I’m unclear about the timing of this, being the masterminds behind the 9-11 psyops. This latter point also includes some other famous people who are currently ‘out of action’ and behind bars, etc. You have heard of most of them.

Implicated in this process is the MSM, particularly, by way of example, CNN (CIA-run station), Washington Post (Deep State outlet), etc. Think Project Mockingbird.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

This filth exists in Australia too; think Rudd/Gillard/J Bishop sending Australian taxpayers’ money to the Clinton Foundation. Where did that money end up? To what purpose was it put?

Big things are about to happen that will shock you, perhaps even as early as tomorrow. Trump’s State of the Union Address next week might be well worth listening to. MSM will lie and distort to keep this covered up. You need to source the new media online or follow twitter accounts like MAGA to follow what is happening. Fox news provides good coverage too, along with the Conservative Treehouse blog – this latter site provides excellent in depth coverage re the FISA-Russian collusion wiretap imbroglio.

How do I know all this? Easy. Trump promised to return the power to the people. Starting last October a person (or group) known as Qanon as been dropping what has become the largest intel drop in human history (though it excludes operational and security matters). Anyone can join in. We are the intelligence assessors now, a loose global alliance of weaponised autists spreading the word on /pol/, 4Chan, 8Chan, etc.

You can see the Qanon drops here. (Hope I’ve done that right!) They are in code though the code becomes clearer the more you read; also, links at each ‘drop’ lead to 8Chan comments. Also read the Twitter feeds as many of the anons are busy decoding the drops to help you understand. This is a process that will take all year and even then a lot will be better left unsaid – do not go there if you value your sanity. Otherwise, get some popcorn, the world is about the change, bigly.

Sinc, this is the ‘this’ that Steve Kates is referring to.

We shall see. It really is a wilderness of mirrors and always will be. This, then, is from the “Qanon drop” just now but have not seen it before. Watch!

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