And No Hillary!

From New Chum on a previous post: Big List of 170 Trump accomplishments in 340 days with the sub-head: “Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements”. There are 170 but will list only the first and last. You can read the rest yourself to become the most popular person at your New Year’s party tonight.

170. EPA reform: More than 700 people have left the Environmental Protection Agency since Trump took office, nearly a quarter of the way toward its goal of shrinking the agency to Reagan-administration levels. . . .

1. Technology: After his election, Trump met with top tech leaders, including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos of Amazon. According to Gates, it was “a good conversation about innovation, how it can help in health, education, the impact of foreign aid and energy, and a wide-ranging conversation about power of innovation.”

And while we’re at it, my best wishes to you all for the coming year.

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