Mayhem in Melbourne for reasons utterly unknown to the police

Having just crossed the road on a couple of occasions in the past week in front of Flinders Street station at Elizabeth it is odd to be thinking of these things and watching events unfold from Sydney where I am at the moment.

This is a new evil for which there is no justification. To say these people have a screw loose is accurate in its own way but there are different manifestations of insanity, with this a very modern version, at least here in the West.

The picture and story come from an overseas source just to get a different perspective: SUV Plows Into Christmas Shoppers in Melbourne, Australia; Over Dozen Injured, Driver and Passenger Arrested. As a latest update:

Australia police are awaiting a psyche evaluation before questioning the suspect, an Australian of Afghani descent with a history of mental issues and a minor criminal background.

No other underlying factors are mentioned so we will have to wait for further investigation to see if we can find a motive for this senseless act of evil and the deliberate infliction of harm.

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