An economic story for the ages


From Drudge, with these as the sidebars:


One can support the Democrats and oppose Trump only if one believes in voting for a living and not the desire to live freely. It is not tax cuts as such that matter, but that the onus for growth is now being placed on the private sector. Over time, the proportion of the economy directed by government will recede along with the regulations that have slowed and in many places stopped productive activity.

The pressures it will place on others will be through the power of example rather than that the US will grow to anyone else’s detriment so others will be forced to match these policies or see their economies shrivel. Everyone will grow, but some more rapidly than others. This is how it’s done. No matter how much anyone else produces, whatever anyone else add themselves will make their own economy more prosperous.

That is, Keynesian economics is dead, at least for now.

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