This will be THE major issue at the next election

Greens, Labor sink Peter Dutton’s citizenship crackdown:

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s overhaul of Australian citizenship laws have suffered a major setback with his reforms unable to pass the parliament ahead of a Senate imposed deadline — an outcome hailed as a “major victory” by Labor and the Greens.

The proposed shake-up would have increased the permanent residency requirement for citizenship from one to four years and imposed a tougher English language requirement on aspiring Australians.

The changes — which would also have required applicants to demonstrate they had integrated into Australian society — were due to take effect from the date of their announcement by Mr Dutton on April 20.

Mr Dutton said the government remained “committed to strengthening citizenship”, and flagged that negotiations would continue with crossbench Senators, although no-timeline has been set on the passage of any revamped package.

“It’s a shame that Bill Shorten is so weak that he has to capitulate to the hard left of the Labor Party against the national interest,” Mr Dutton said.

And from the comments. The top 20 and not one supporting Labor and the Greens:

According to Green Senator Nick McKim “Peter Dutton tried to tear down multicultural Australia and remake it in his own hateful image.” Why is improving the quality of immigrants by showing they are willing and able to integrate “hateful”? Interesting that the Green’s loyalty is to foreigners over Australian interests. If the Greens had their way, by about Easter we would be overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands from the worst societies in the world and Greens would celebrate this apocalypse and victim factory as “compassionate”. Deranged.

Yes I can see why Labor and the Greens would not like the proposed citizenship test. You might actually need some intelligence and education to pass it.

Labor and The Greens working for Get Up!/ George Soros. Dumped files show influence of George Soros on Western politics

“Hailed as a “major victory” by Labor and the Greens.” The message here? Labor and the Greens get into power again its open borders and more boats. Its like ground hog day.

More damage done to this country by the left-leaning unrepresentative swill.

Just shows that if Labor get back into power it will be refugee-a-rama. Non stop boats from all directions.

When I applied for citizenship it was dependent on four or five years permanent residence. I believe that persisted throughout the Howard years. Presumably the one year requirement was another “progressive” move by the comrades.

There’s something strange and quite disturbing about Labor and The Greens show more allegiance to foreigners than they do Aussies. It’s an absolute disgrace.

FFS! Whose side are labor and greens on? Ours or some militant islamists?

The ALP/Greens veto of Dutton’s law changes is outrageous and my real thoughts to this bastardry would be unprintable. Beyond contempt.

Australian citizenship is a privilege, not a right. 1 year of residence is not enough to earn this!!

May as well call an election and get it over with. Labor and the Greens are already using the Senate to control the country.

The dreaded dysfunctional Senate strikes again. Making it very hard for the Government to Govern. Time to dispose of the Senate once and for all.

& the One Nation vote just jumped another couple of percentage points!

Labor and the greens will open borders and destroy this country. A big loss for Australia

What is so very wrong with what Dutton is proposing. I support him 100%. There are those in the Senate without a brain cell between them, and they usually vote as a bloc, so I guess we get just what we vote for.

Labor and the Greens consider Australian citizenship cheap.

People smugglers in Java will be checking that their boats are fueled up. (Seaworthiness not a consideration.)

This Bill Shorten is really a piece of work. The average Aussie supports Dutton on this as we have had enough of mass immigration and poor quality immigration. Bill you have it wrong big time!!!!

Labor and the Greens celebrate the continuing abuse of Australia. They will do absolutely anything to try and get the ethnic vote

We know all about the Greens but it’s now abundantly clear Labor doesn’t care about this country. It’s all about power at any cost. We have an energy crisis that will only get worse and it’s a threat to the health, wellbeing and lives of millions of Australians but Labor would rather play cheap politics than work towards a long term solution. Massive growing debt – don’t look to Labor to help resolve it. Now Dutton tries to sharpen up citizenship laws and Labor says no to that too. They are despicable.

Might also mention that Dutton has the right idea on climate change as well.

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