Hillary’s profound moral sickness infests the entire party she represents

Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary Clinton is a psychopathic liar. This is from Slate in 1999: Is Juanita Broaddrick Telling the Truth? From which:

The Details

Broaddrick did not remember the date of the rape, though she did supply the name of the hotel (Camelot) and the reason she was visiting Little Rock (a nursing home seminar). She also says that Clinton pointed to a ramshackle prison outside the hotel room window before he raped her and said he planned to renovate it. NBC News found a date when a nursing home seminar was held in the Camelot Hotel and records show that Broaddrick attended. Newspaper reports suggest that Clinton was in the area and had no official commitments in the early morning, when the rape is supposed to have occurred. There was a prison outside the hotel window.

Clinton Is Innocent: It is hard to believe that a raped woman would forget the date. The fact that Clinton was in Little Rock is hardly remarkable.

Clinton is Guilty: The detail about wanting to spruce up the prison sounds “very, very much like our Bill” (Kelly).

Meanwhile, Hillary’s level of derangement is possibly unprecedented: Hillary Clinton falsely claims Donald Trump is an ‘admitted sex assaulter’ as she compares him to Harvey Weinstein – but claims allegations against Bill are ‘clearly in the past’.

  • Hillary Clinton, who received campaign funding from Weinstein, called rape and sexual assault allegations facing the movie mogul ‘heartbreaking’
  • Clinton was apparently referring to the tape leaked during the campaign where Donald Trump was heard boasting about ‘grabbing women by the p****y’
  • In fact he has never ‘admitted’ a sexual assault and apologized for ‘locker room talk’
  • She told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: ‘I really commend the women who have been willing to step forward now and tell their stories’
  • In another interview with Channel 4 she said her campaign would hand back donations from Weinstein but had still to do so
  • That changed her first claim that she would give from her personal income – which would have earned her a tax break

There is a deep and repellant moral sickness across the entire Democratic Party where they will deny any evil in their pursuit of personal political power. And not only at the top, but throughout their ranks who go beyond arguing that Clinton is a flawed human being, but must deny even to themselves that he is the person he so obviously is.

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