The Oz has become the local propaganda arm of the North Koreans

The central point is that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and a delivery system that can land them in the United States. Other than let them go on forever developing these armaments and the ICBMs to go with them, what should be done? No one really knows, but the primary response has to be to take this threat seriously, as something really dangerous that has to be dealt with. So what do we find at The Australian today. First this: Inside nuclear North Korea. Never mind the vacuous text, here’s the photo that comes with the story:

Very sweet. Then there is the foreign policy sage, Greg Sheridan: Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump enter sick dynamic. So this is what Greg finally says which is about as fatuous and inane as possible.

Any way you slice it, when nuclear-armed states are making bellicose threats against each other, the world is confronting an extremely dangerous moment.

You don’t say? Look, Greg, who is making the threats and who is trying to work out what to do on our behalf? If you have a suggestion on what to do, put it on the table. Otherwise, why don’t you start by pointing out that if nuclear weapons begin to fly we will be at the other end, and in the meantime just shut up.

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