The same-sex survey is not anonymous

We have just received our survey form and on the ballot itself there is a bar code and the bar code is different for my wife’s ballot and mine. So far as I can tell, how I vote will be known to someone at the ABS, and perhaps to many many others. The accompanying letter does not give me confidence:

Your response is confidential, by law. It cannot be connected to you. The ABS will destroy all information after the survey is collected.

My assumption was that I would get two envelopes, the first to put my absolutely untraceable ballot into, and then the second to put the first envelope into that I would mail off. That way, my ballot would arrive at the ABS, someone would check on the first ballot that I am a registered voter and, having done so, throw the second envelope unopened into the pile with all the other ballots. It is these second envelopes that would be opened and my vote counted only then. That way, no one could possibly know how I voted, either before, during or after.

This way, I cannot tell who will know how I voted nor how that information might be used.

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