No missile defences for Australia says the PM

What sense is this?

Mr Turnbull rejected a push for Australia to install a missile defence shield to protect against an attack, saying he had received advice that it would not be helpful against North Korea’s long range missiles.

OK, so if the Norks find it too hard to attack Japan or Guam which do have missile defences however leaky they may be, Sydney seems pretty good as a place for them to show they really mean it. Does Malcolm never get anything important right? And then there’s this:

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said it was the “bellicose and provocative actions” of the North Korean dictatorship, and not Mr Trump’s rhetoric, which was of “big concern”.

“I and the government share the same concerns and the same views, and Australians should be reassured that on this matter of North Korea and our national security, the politics of Labor and Liberal are working absolutely together,” the Opposition Leader said.

“What we all need to do is be concentrating on encouraging North Korea to de-escalate. I think there is an important role for China to play here and of course we rely upon leadership from the United States. There are other nations which are much more affected than Australia, including of course the Republic of Korea and Japan, and neighbouring nations to North Korea.”

Good sense for a change. If they came up with a credible policy on stopping the boats, how much difference would it make who took over after the next election?

AND FURTHERMORE: This is a further follow-up at The Oz and these are the top comments which do seem to follow a single theme, possibly because the article is titled, “North Korea crisis: Trump’s ‘fury’ leaves Beijing with few options”. It is via The WSJ.

If any country has been lacking leadership on this issue, it is China. They have been letting the rabid dog get bigger and more paranoid on its border, while blaming the US for this issue. Garbage. Beijing has never fully implemented sanctions, always kept its powder dry … but now reality is slapping Xu in the face. China, you can’t keep avoiding your responsibilities forever.

Joan 1 hour ago
The most frightening part about all this is Trump is not only trying to protect the world from NK, which has been allowed to build its arsenal by previous Governments who have appeased and looked the other way, but now instead of supporting him, the media are not prepared to offer any support. They need to decide if they support western democracy or not.

@Joan – Joan, I never thought I’d see the day when the US wouldn’t support their President in a time of grave danger. Despicable.

Karl 2 hours ago
What did Obama do to stop it? Obama did nothing and he therefore allowed for N/Korea to develop and expand their nuclear program. And now is somehow Trump’s fault? How?

@Karl Becuse Trump is right wing anglo saxon: of course it’s his fault.

Massive China could have dealt with puny North Korea years ago if it wanted to. It doesn’t want to – simple as that. It is enjoying seeing the USA squirm while it expands its territorial ambitions in what is euphemistically called the “South China Sea”.

I find some solace in the fact that China finds itself in a difficult, uncomfortable position. This is all of their own making and I am pretty sure it is going to get a whole lot more uncomfortable for them as Trump ratchets up the pressure.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses North Korea as a stalking horse and plays a perfidious role.

China is 100% responsible for this situation, maybe Trump will force them to take this seriously.

Until China provides proof that they are trying to curb the sabre-rattling of tyrant Kim instead of secretly egging him on to provoke the USA, we cannot trust China in this mixed international chess game. Come on China – show us that you are truly follow your creed of “harmony”. We know you have the means to put little Kim back in his box.

50+ years of diplomacy with NK did not achieve much. They are now more dangerous then ever and if we are to believe intelligence they have the capacity (or soon) to launch nuclear attacks. The last two countries/leaders who threatened the West were Saddam Hussein/Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi/Libya. Both leaders are now dead and their countries are in chaos. The same will happen to North Korea IF they continue their path of madness. It’s interesting how our media (especially the ABC again) seems to think that Trump is the real problem, not Kim Jong-Un. Have they really not learned anything from the disaster Obama?

For a decade China did next to nothing to curb North Korea, possibly enjoying Obama’s impotence while progressing their illegal annexation of the South China Sea. Now the unintended consequences of their short term policies have come home to roost. What good will more talking do given that the diplomatic process has resulted in North Korea successfully developing the nuclear and missile technology it aspired to? That particular horse has bolted. They say that violence is the last resort of the incompetent. It therefore necessarily follows that incompetence is the province of diplomats. History is replete with examples of the fact that sanctions do not work. Prime examples of failed sanctions are the League of Nations imposing sanctions against Italy to make it pull out of Abyssinia and the US imposed sanctions on Japan following the invasion of China. North Korea joins those two in the list of epic failures. All I can say is that now maybe China WILL do something. Otherwise they are thinking too much of status money and getting as much as they can from the world and other countries.

China had played just as much a role in the predicament we’re in today, as have the other world leaders. If they had done what they were supposed to do for all these years, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

Hey China you hold all the cards with regard to North Korea and you have done nothing, you and you alone can bring down Kim and the world knows it, so stop this little old me crap and fix it, Trump has every right to say enough is enough, as North Korea has been pulling this stunt for to long and the US patience has run out

Where did the technology and expertise come from? Stonewalling is a cultural characteristic of the Chinese and Trump is bypassing it.

Trump has changed the game by not being seen as a patsy. China now sees North Korea as a risk to its influence in the area, so is motivated to manage Kim better, but struggling to do it. All strategies have risks, but a risk averse short term strategy can lead to the highest risk outcome. Trump recognises that, and seems to be playing the threatening Bad Guy whilst Tillerson works the Good Guy in the background. Seems a lot smarter to me than the Obama appeasement and let them build their bombs strategy.

China has always supported the NK administration. There is no wsy they could have obtained nuclear missile capability without the chinese. The wall street journal is disingenous to report chinese concerns about trump rhetoric when they know he does not want war. It is also trite to say vhina is more concerned about domestic issues when they have been purposely tramping on international law in the south china sea. North korea is merely following the chinese disdain for the international community.

Seems to me that China should have taken more seriously the threat by North Korea many years ago. They had the trade and diplomatic ties to have averted Kim from this course of action but appear to have done little. Perhaps they thought that the US would continue to be led by weak apologists like Obama and the Clintons. Now China faces the prospect of a radioactive cloud after North Korea is vaporised, or more likely, a long-term US presence on its doorstep.

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