He says and does in private what he says and does in public

You may be sure the Administrative State is hunting through everything they can get their hands on – which includes pretty well everything that exists – to find something, anything, that will discredit Donald Trump. And the most remarkable result is that they cannot find a thing. If this is the best they can come up with, the transcript of PDT’s conversation with MT on exchanging the boat persons on Manus for some Central Americans the US won’t admit, they truly have nothing at all. This is from Andrew Bolt: TRANSCRIPT SHOCK: TURNBULL CONSPIRED WITH TRUMP ON REFUGEE CON. First Trump:

TRUMP: I am taking 2,000 people from Australia who are in prison and the day before I signed an Executive Order saying that we are not taking anybody in. We are not taking anybody in, those days are over…

The rest of the transcript is MT saying Trump doesn’t actually have to take any of them; he only has to agree to see if any of those in detention will pass the extreme vetting being imposed. This is certainly discrediting to Malcolm but not to Trump. For those who support Trump, he says and does in private what he says he will do in public. And now we have the American left revealing itself over Trump wishing to bring in only those migrants who can speak English and will be economically self-supporting. You would think that would at least be acceptable on the left, but if you think that, you don’t know the left.

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