The distractors are complaining about the distractions they have caused

This story is almost beyond parody coming from the media, The Wall Street Journal in this case: Donald Trump: as Washington churns, world gets more dangerous. Listen to this loon:

When folks here in Washington end a summer filled with White House hijinks and an epic but inconclusive healthcare debate, they will look up and discover something unsettling: The world has become a more dangerous place while everybody has been distracted.

That’s most obviously true in North Korea, where its rogue weapons program has leapt so far forward that the nation now has a missile with the range to reach much of the US Pyongyang’s capabilities are advancing so quickly that the Defense Intelligence Agency has had to ratchet forward, to as early as next year, its estimate of when it will have an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

And etc. So let’s go to the comments at The Oz, from the top rated on down a bit with nothing left out.

The world is a more dangerous place than it was eight years ago primarily because of Obama, not Trump. Obama was a weak and indecisive leader who allowed all of America’s enemies to grow stronger.

You forgot to mention SSM in Australia, Gerald

But hey, we are getting (unaffordable) light rail in Canberra, (unaffordable) green energy in SA, (unaffordable) public service growth and increased debt in Qld and federally 99.9% of the population wont get a say on SSM. But hey, lets blame it all in Trump. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute!!! Better add Abbott in there too.

“The world has become a more dangerous place while everybody has been distracted.” Who is “everybody”? The media badly needs an education away from their “Latte buddies”.

I’m not really sure what this journalist is concerned about, doesn’t he realise same sex marriage will be passed “sooner then we think?” Our politicians understand the importance of freeing us from cultural restraints, so never mind about North Korea/china/Russia/Iran. None of them are progressive enough to have ssm.

The most urgent problem is to resolve disputes with Russia. With the US and Russia on the same side, all the other problems can be solved. With the US and Russia throwing mud at each other, all the other problems will just keep accumulating until something goes bang. Russia under the Putin government is far from perfect but anyone who expects perfect partners needs to stay away from international politics.

The main danger is not in Washington but in New York in the fantasy mind of Gerald Seib at the Wall Street Journal who wrote this tosh.

The interesting thing is how little Trump pays attention to these flea bites and tries to get on with the main game.

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