Donald Trump is the President and that is a very good thing

“Even his acolytes [?!] such as Steve Kates must be wondering what’s next from Donald J. Trump.

The quote is from LIQ whose 2000+ years mouldering in the grave have left him sorely out of touch with the modern world. He may even have missed the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire which we, or our near descendants, may experience for ourselves about our own civilisation. This is not incidental to why DJT is president: Terrorist cell planned gas attack: police.

A family of suspected Islamist ­extremists allegedly plotted to bring down an Australian commercial jet by gassing the passengers, in what authorities believe was a major terrorist attack plan orchestrated by Islamic State milit­ants from within Syria.

Yet when I turned to The Oz online just now, these were the first two stories: Same-sex marriage vote: Tim Wilson hints at parliamentary vote and Anthony Scaramucci misses his son’s birth. Will the attempt to bring down an Australian plane mid-flight really become a one-day wonder? Meanwhile, this is given priority:

Anthony Scaramucci chose to accompany President Trump to an event in West Virginia last week rather than attend the birth of his child. The new White House communications director sent his estranged second wife a text after she gave birth to their son in New York. “Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child,” he wrote, but did not visit for four days, the New York Post reports. That behaviour may explain the collapse of Mr Scaramucci’s marriage as he begins his new life in the West Wing.

Deidre Scaramucci, 38, filed for divorce a few weeks before the 53-year-old former financier’s arrival in Washington despite being eight months pregnant.

You know, she may not even have wanted him at the birth. But if you are the kind of loon who thinks we should not be thankful that Trump is president because his Communications Director prioritises his work in the White House over attending the birth of his child then you should drop political commentary. Meanwhile over at Drudge:



And in the upper corner.


Personally, I would infinitely rather have PDT than PHC. I have no idea how to solve any of this, but I do believe that there is no one I’d rather have thinking these issues through than Donald Trump.

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