Even in DC there are Trump supporters

Sebastian Gorka is his name and he has been doing the rounds defending PDT because it does seem no one else is doing it, not even PDT. Trump himself probably thinks his critics are complete buffoons and cannot imagine they get any traction. My own view is any port in a storm for the left who rally around the most ridiculous ideas since there really is nothing else for them to say. This is Ace of Spade defending Gorka against Jake Tapper who had unbelievably argued in re Ben Rhodes v Gorka that “I’m sure he would put his graduate degree up against yours any day of the week.” This is Ace:

We must assume that Gorka put down Ben Rhodes as not having any advanced training in any political field, or for being a would-be novelist (or a very good post-modern novelist who used American Foreign Policy as his medium) which are… true.

For a comparison of Gorka v Rhodes, go to the link. Ben Rhodes remains my ultra favourite example of the disgusting level of deceit and anti-Western malevolence of the Obama White House, and a further reminder of what we have been spared with the US having elected Donald Trump. But what I especially like about Gorka is his wish to get out and attack the media and the left. Meanwhile the headline at the top of this morning’s Washington Post is “Lobbyist attended Trump Jr. meeting” although Trump in Paris is there as well – a full colour picture too.

And I am happy to say that the last two days have been entirely in the company of some among the 6% in DC who did not vote for Hillary.

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