Washington diary

Since I have arrived in North America almost every first conversation with everyone we met was some form of declaration of their disdain of President Trump. None of them knew my own beliefs or what I have been writing. It just seems to be the present-day version of talking about the weather. The most strange was my first ever meeting with my eight-year old cousin who showed me her aquarium with her Siamese fighting fish, strewn with plastic chairs and a desk, with the fish called “Donald Trump in his Office”. She had no particular political views but her parents did, and so has everyone else.

Here in Washington I have been at a series of right-side meetings which have been quite fascinating, and I have listened to Republican legislators on a number of occasions, but not one has said so much as a positive word about PDT. Meanwhile there is no story but Donald Trump Jr having met for a quarter of an hour with a Russian lawyer. Meanwhile the president has himself been in France where he apparently did or said something to the French President’s wife that has led to further frenzy. If anything else happened, I haven’t seen what it is.

But I did come across a black man in a coffee shop with a Trump-Pence sticker on his laptop. So I asked him if he was dinkum so he showed me his Trump cufflinks! So we shook hands and I moved on.

Will also note that the Washington Post sells for $2 and the Washington Times – if you can find one – for only $1.

Anyway, cannot delay. Off to GMU today – the RMIT of the north.

ONE MORE THING: Should also mention the gift shop in the National Gallery on the Mall. They had postcards of Obama but none of PDT so I asked them why. And the answer was that the Donald Trump post cards had all sold out. Everything is possible, but somethings are more possible than others.

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