Political primitives

As I continue to wend my way through the anti-Trump crowds I meet at every turn, I remain at a loss even to work out how to engage them at all without making them my bitterest enemies. These are people I have known all my life but there is no forgiveness for taking the side in politics that I do. A small sample, perhaps, but they not only disagree with what I say but they are wildly hostile to any thoughts I might have about politics. I can and do talk to them, in the way an anthropologist might meet with some tribe of primitives, and they are just as you see them on CNN. PC may be a disease but it is highly contagious. I no longer even mention my book on the election; even Economics for Infants are many steps too far. Think of what the national conversation should be about with this the top item at Drudge:

North Korea launches missile, nearing Japanese waters.

All that comes with these:


Instead, the issue is Trump’s high stakes tweeting even among serious commentators.

It is certainly unconventional but personally I am all in for whatever works.

SO LET ME JUST ADD THIS: More on Trump tweets from someone who thinks there are other things to worry about.

The psuedo-cons don’t care, yet cynically exploit this nonsense to undercut Trump to regain their diminished status. All you soft boys whose mommy and/or daddy handed you a conservative magazine and made you think you had a divine right to be taken seriously by us normals, pay attention. The issues Trump is talking about matter to us. Sometimes it’s our livelihoods, sometimes it’s our very lives – often put at risk in wars you pushed from behind your laptop. I get that under Hillary Clinton, your mediocre positions in the big DC/NY scheme of things would’ve been secure, but I’ve got to break it to you – we don’t care. Your pathetic status as obedient gimp-cons serving your liberal masters in the establishment big house may mean everything you, but it means nothing to us.

Normal Americans – the ones you hold in utter contempt – are hurting, and the only person who paid any attention was Donald Trump. You sure didn’t. You would have fed us to Hillary Clinton if you had your way, because under her your measly positions would have been secure, and under Trump everyone sees that we don’t need you.

We followed you for years, but when it came time to fight for what you said you believed in and risking your mediocre sinecures, you defected to the other side. You betrayed us. Don’t you ever dare talk to me about honor.

In an ideal world, I would love to get back to presidency dominated by gentlemen like Ronald Reagan. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Here’s the ugly reality – there is a cultural war going on, one that could get worse. This isn’t a game; there are real stakes. If you volunteer to join conservatism’s enemies to allegedly protect an ideal of decorum that this culture has long since left behind, you’re being played for a sucker. You’re either serious about winning, or you’re serious about losing.

If you think the left has any answers to the problems we have given what we have seen for the past half century, you are about as debased in your judgement as it is possible to be.

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